Re-Code (500ml)
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The Natural Slimming Solution
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The Natural Slimming Solution

Re-Code is a product specifically made for the physiological weight control, designed to achieve results by focusing on the problem’s root cause, hormonal imbalances, rather than the symptoms, weight increase.

The core of the product is 3NERGY®, the patent developed by ZUCCARI to optimize the availability of phytoestrogens. Indeed, it seems that almost half of women fail to absorb enough phytoestrogens in their intestines. ZUCCARI has developed 3NERGY® that combines isoflavones from the Kudzu (Pueraria lobata), lactic ferments and phlorizin, which promote absorption.

It helps to promoting the body's balance allows you to reach your ideal weight in the most harmonious way.

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Why Re-code?

The human organism is endowed with regulatory systems which ensure our survival even in stressful situations. When on a hypo-caloric diet, for example, given the reduced intake of nutritional elements, our body reacts by activating its defence systems and by compensating for the new nutritional regime.

This is why - more often than not - diets do not work!

This mechanism is even more evident in us, women, who experience a much greater difficulty in losing excess fat than men. Then concept of beauty is innate in our species and depends on evolution, which has favoured the development of a female body shape capable of resembling the hormonal profile of the woman, by locating the fats in specific areas to attract the attention of a sexual partner.

Our woman’s body is a very sensitive organism, constantly undergoing modifications and changes, which are manifested both on a monthly cyclical basis, and in the various phases of life.

Each one of us, in out heart, is well aware of the fact that hormones are responsible for our shape and the changes to the body since our birth. Once past 30, our body starts a hormonal path of ups and downs, of progressive oscillations which are so slow as to be almost imperceptible. This path ends with menopause, when we understand the meaning of those changed we unconsciously experienced over the previous years.

If our hormonal system were balanced, as it used to be when we were young or as is the case for men, a light diet and a bit more physical exercise would be sufficient to maintain our bodily shape. However, over 30 years of age, the question is not simple to lose weight, but to lost it from those critical areas!

Though the answer is physiological and self-evident, it took 3 years of intensive research by ZUCCARI’s R&D department to find a solution.

Instead of focusing on the symptoms (weight increase), ZUCCARI’s experts concentrated on the root cause (hormonal imbalances), and came up with a system to effectively address the heart of the problem.

This food supplement contributes to restoring the correct hormonal balance, which enables the messages transmitted by the hormones to reach our organs as occurred earlier in life, thus reminding our body how it used to lose weight when we were younger, when our organism knew where to collocate the masses that reflected the classical image of a woman.

Restoring the equilibrium means re-coding the messages transmitted by the estrogens and to selectively allocate the fat masses at the right points.


Features & Benefits:

  •   Reallocates fat masses

    Re-Code helps to reallocate fat masses at the right points, that reflected the classical image of a woman.
  •   Reduces excessive body fats

    By inducing the ability of the body for drainage and purification, excess water and toxins can be eliminated out from your body, which help clean the body and fight excess fat from the body.
  •   Correct hormonal balance

    Re-Code contains phytoestrogens that helps to restore the correct hormonal balance for women that will help in regulating monthly menstruation.
  •   High bio-availability

    Lactic ferments and phloridzin are added in Re-Code to assist in the complete absorption of phytoestrogens.


Recommended for:

  •   Women who are overweight or obese and who wish to have an ideal body figure.
  •   Women who wish to reduce body weight and at the same time regulate female hormones.
  •   Women who fail to control their body weight even with balanced diet and regular exercises.
  •   Women who wish to slim down without having to go on a low calorie diet.


Recommended Usage:

  •   Mix 25ml (use pink measurement cup) in 1 litre of water.
  •   Drink throughout the day.


Simple practices you can do for a better slimming result!

Although diet restriction or low calorie diet is not required while taking Re-Code. However, binge eating is not recommended as extra calories intake will be stored as body fat. Therefore, balanced diet with good nutrition is absolutely essential.

Here, we suggest some simple daily practices you can do in order to achieve a better and faster slimming result.

Drink enough water

Drinking enough water every day is a foundation for a healthy life. When you are hydrated, your metabolism is higher and your muscles and organs work more effectively. Additionally, toxins and other impurities are can be flushed out from your body with more regularity through healthy bowel movements.

Be physical active

Be physical active doesn ’ t mean you need to carry out intense workout or exercises. Simply find something you can enjoy as long as it makes you sweat eg: walking, housework, running, stair climbing etc. By encouraging sweat, your body can more effectively flush out excess fluid, unwanted toxins and waste.

Get enough sleep

Sleeping poorly, or not enough, slows the body’s metabolism. Metabolism is the process by which the body converts calories to energy. Clinical researches suggest that poor sleep makes the body’s metabolism work less effectively, leaving more unexpended energy to be stored in the body as fat. Therefore, in order to achieve a better and faster slimming result, it is recommended to have at least 7 hours of proper sleep every day.