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Female Reproductive System Detoxification
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For Female Reproductive System Detoxification

ReTox is a product that specifically made for detoxification of the female reproductive system. It is made up of soy extract, green tea, licorice, red clover, rose hip and valerian.

ReTox is functional in cleansing the entire female reproductive organ, corrects hormonal imbalance as it contains phytoestrogen, regulates menstrual cycle by controlling the flow and amount of blood loss, cleanse the uterus of accumulated debris to prevent fibroid growth.

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Why female reproductive system detoxification?

Like other systems of our body, the female reproductive system tends to get ignored unless something goes wrong.

Over the years, toxins are accumulated in the body, many of which get stored in fat tissues of the body, including the uterus and other reproductive organs. Some of these toxins may be due to: old menstrual blood, birth-control pills and other medications, poor diet, excess hormones and etc.

Therefore, this is why female reproductive system detoxification programme is needed to assist the body in eliminating toxins, old stagnant blood that did not completely cleansed every cycle and uterine cells remain that lead to reproductive system health issues as well as infertility.


Features & Benefits:

Cleanses the entire reproductive organ

ReTox helps to cleanse the entire female reproductive system through neutralize and remove the toxic compounds that diminish female reproductive system health. Moreover, it also helps maximize the natural function of the uterus and ovaries and helps to maintain a healthy female reproductive system.

Corrects hormonal imbalance

ReTox helps to regulate female hormones thus corrects hormonal imbalance as it contains phytoestrogen.

Regulates menstrual cycle by controlling the flow and amount of blood loss

ReTox works to tone the uterine muscles and normalize blood flow during menstrual cycle.

Cleanses the uterus of accumulated debris to prevent fibroid growth

In some instances the uterus is not able to empty its entire contents every menstrual cycle. Some imbalances that show up when this is happening are PMS, cramps during your period, blood clotting during menstruation, absence of menstruation, long cycles (longer than normal), or bleeding less than 4 days per cycle. The ingredients of Retox are able to cleanse the uterus of accumulated debris to prevent fibroid growth.


Recommended for:

  •   People who have menstrual problems like heavy flows, too short or prolonged period (irregular menstrual cycles), blood clots and mucus discharge.
  •   Those who experienced pre-menstrual symptoms like back pain, abdominal pain, headache, acne and etc.
  •   Those who experience menopausal symptoms like hot flashes, dry skin, palpitation and etc.


Recommended Usage:

  •   Mix 1 sachet in room temperature water.
  •   Take 1 sachet a day for 5 consecutive days, rest for 2 days.
  •   It can be taken with or without food.
  •   Recommended to take ReTox in the morning or afternoon, as you are advised to drink at least 2 - 3 litres of water throughout the day for better result.