ViC (30sac)
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For Respiratory Ailments & Cardiovascular Health
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For Respiratory Ailments & Cardiovascular Health

Frontier Vitamin C 5000mg contain a combination of vitamin C which include calcium ascorbate, sodium ascorbate and ester C. Vitamin C, also know as ascorbic acid, a water soluble vitamin, which means the body doesn't store it and manufacture its own vitamin C, so it must be derived from diet and supplements.“Frontier vitamin C” are the form of mineral ascorbate. These supplement bond vitamin C to a mineral which helps reduce vitamin’s acidity.

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Features & Benefits:

Strengthens Cardiovascular System

Vitamin C helps in prevention of atherosclerosis by strengthening the artery walls through its participation in the synthesis of collagen and by preventing the undesirable adhesion of white blood cells to damaged arteries. Thus, for those individual with a weak heart and blockages in their arteries are best to consume it.

Respiratory Ailments

Research has found that people with a high level of Vitamin C intake in their diet have healthier lungs, and with sustained levels of Vitamin C, their lung health will deteriorate at a slower rate over time.Research by scientists at the University of Helsinki in Finland and published in "Military Medicine" in November 2004 reports that vitamin C supplementation can reduce the incidence of common cold infections by between 45 and 91 percent, and can lower the incidence of pneumonia by between 80 and 100 percent.


Anti-biotics and anti-fungal medications are the most common prescriptions for patients diagnosed with sinusitis. Vitamin C is another widely used supplement for fighting sinus infection. Vitamin C acts as an anti-histamine and reduces the level of histamines produced in the body. Histamines are natural chemicals released by the body to defend it against the invading allergens. When a person suffering from sinusitis is on a medication of Vitamin C, the histamine cell receptors are blocked, which controls allergy symptoms. This reduces the discomfort and pain that accompanies the symptoms of sinusitis.


Recommended for:

  •   Individuals with sinus, respiratory ailment, e.g. flu, common cold, pneumonia and so forth.
  •   Individuals with a weak heart and blockages in their arteries


Recommended Usage:

  •   Mix 1 sachet in room temperature water or any nutritious drinks. To be taken at any time of the day, with or without food.